Standardizing Service Mesh Value Measurement

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Service Mesh Performance

Service Mesh Performance is a standard for capturing and characterizing the details of infrastructure capacity, service mesh configuration, and workload metadata.

Service Mesh Performance facilitates:

  • the ability to reason over the efficiency by which cloud native infrastructure is run, specifically in context of a service mesh and its network functions, include custom filters and/or protocol translators using WebAssembly or other.
  • benchmarking of service mesh performance
  • common vernacular and measurement for exchange of performance information from system-to-system and mesh-to-mesh
  • apples-to-apples performance comparisons of service mesh deployments and tooling to trend workload performance.
  • a universal performance index to gauge a service mesh’s efficiency against deployments in other organizations’ environments.

Using SMP, MeshMark provides a universal performance index to gauge your mesh’s efficiency against deployments in other organizations’ environments.

Service Mesh Performance (SMP) is a vendor-neutral specification for capturing details of:

  • Environment and infrastructure details
  • Number and size of nodes, orchestrator
  • Service mesh and its configuration
  • workload / application details
  • Statistical analysis to characterize performance

The canonical implementation of this specification is Meshery. The following snippet provides a further insight into the fact that the specification defines a common collection of statistical analysis to be calculated for every performance test:

message PerformanceTestResult {
              message Latency {
                double min = 1;
                double average = 2;
                double p50 = 3;
                double p90 = 4;
                double p99 = 5;
                double max = 6;
              } ...

Snippet of the Service Mesh Performance describing how to capture statistical analysis.

Project Overview

Presentation: Service Meshes: At What Cost?

KubeCon EU 2019 - Lee Calcote & Girish Ranganathan

Presentation: Discreetly Studying the Effects of Individual Traffic Control Functions

KubeCon EU 2020 - Lee Calcote & Prateek Sahu

Presentation: ServiceMeshCon-EU Conference

ServiceMeshCon-EU Conference - Otto van der Schaaf, Sunku Ranganath & Mrittika Ganguli


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University of Texas
Red Hat
University of Texas


SMP Community Meetings biweekly on Thursdays at 9 - 10 AM Central.

Example implementation

Meshery is the canonical implementation of SMP

Exchange performance tests and results in a standard format.

performance tests run!


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